Serving families of individuals with disabilities.

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Welcome to WeEMBRACE! We offer resources to individuals with different abilities and their families. Some of the resources we offer are:

  • Free classes for individuals with different abilities

  • Buddy Match program

  • Seminars and Workshops for parents

  • WhatsApp support groups for parents, professionals and well-wishers.

You can access all of these resources by registering with us today. Fill out the one time registration form and create an account to get started! Please make sure the email you use to create your account and the email you enter on the registration form are the same. Once your account has been approved, you can browse and book classes, get added to our support groups and receive updates on events and other resources!

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Summer Session STARTS June 13
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As a class instructor, you will have the opportunity to create a class and teach individuals with different abilities. There are no requirements to the topics that can be taught. However, we do ask that the classes refrain from academics, and focus on hobbies and extracurricular activities such as art, music and dance. To get an idea of what class you could teach, check out our existing classes here.



In our buddy match program, volunteers are paired with an individual with different abilities with similar interests and form a long-lasting friendship. The buddies meet once a week (currently virtual due to COVID-19), and talk about whatever they feel like! This program is meant to improve communication skills and increase awareness of neurodiversity and its awesomeness. To learn more about the buddy match program, click here.

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