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WeEMBRACE is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit support organization (EIN 82-4279137) for children and adults with different abilities and their families. We were founded in 2018 with the belief that every individual regardless of their abilities, has a right to equal opportunity, access, and inclusion in mainstream society; every individual should be able to realize their maximum potential. Although we started off as a support system for families with children and adults with special needs, we have grown to become so much more.



Our mission is to provide a complete and comprehensive support system for the families of children, adults, and seniors with different abilities. We aim to do this by creating such opportunities, and promote the inclusion of individuals with different abilities. We want to see community inclusion in areas such as employment, education, housing, recreation, leisure, and many more.


Our name represents our motto. We embrace all races, cultures, ages, genders and abilities.


Many families tend to live in isolation after receiving their child's diagnosis. However, this tends to hurt the child more than the family as it takes away their opportunities to interact with their community.

To fix this, we want to build a loving and all-inclusive community. We envision our community as one that provides opportunities for families to network with each other, get information about the resources available to them, and connect with the community at large while celebrate neurodiversity

WeEMBRACE Documentary

Learn more about our organization, and the journey we have taken over the years as we support our community and its members. Hear from our organization's Co-founder, Meena Kalyanasundaram as well as our WeEMBRACE families, volunteers, and supporters.