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"My ability is my superpower"


Manvi Ketireddy is one of our volunteers at WeEMBRACE. She created a project called NeuroExplained to educate her community about neurodiversity and neurological disorders through blogs and podcasts. She soon, realized that her website mainly targeted adults and teens. To reach out to a younger audience, she has created a children’s book that teaches them the concept of neurodiversity. Her book however, is incomplete.


As a book meant for children with disabilities, Manvi is looking for children with disabilities to help her color these pictures, and complete her book. If your child would be interested to have their name featured in this book, please contact Manvi at

To learn more about what Manvi is doing to educate her community about neurodiversity, check out her website at


It is my first day of kindergarten

and mom waves goodbye

I look at my classmates

And I am scared, I am not going to lie

Introductions are over

And it is time to learn

I start to take notes

But the words start to dance in return


I try and try

But can not seem to focus regardless

I look at the clock

7 more minutes until recess

The bell rings for recess

And everyone rushes outside to play

I sit alone on the swings

While my classmates go their own way


We return to class

The teacher asks me a question

But I can not answer it

I should have paid attention

Right before the school ends

A flyer gets passed out

It is for a talent show tomorrow

Is it something I can do? I doubt.


My mom picks me up

I am so happy to leave

Today was not a great day

And I think it is all because of me

I arrive home

But struggle to take off my shoes

I can not seem to do anything

I guess I was made to lose


So I go to my only friend

A bear named jack

I tell him about my bad day

Luckily, he always has my back

Everyone is different

And that is what makes everyone unique

Showcase your talent

Give everyone a peek


Today is the talent show

I get on stage and do what I love

A little magic show for the group

With a finishing touch of a dove

To my surprise

I get a standing ovation

And a first-place trophy, too

All just for my creation?


People surround me

Praising me for my show

Saying “Woah, that was amazing!”

I did not expect that this was how it would go

“ Come play with us tomorrow” they say

“ but I have a disability,

I am not like you guys.

Why would you want to play with me?”

There is no such thing as a disability

We all have different abilities

All of us deserve to be treated equal

The whole world agrees


There is no such thing as a disability

We all have different abilities

All of us deserve to be treated equal

The whole world agrees

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