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Learn about us and how we strive towards creating an inclusive and loving community for individuals with different abilities from the WeEMBRACE family. You can also submit feedback yourself.

Kannan Srinivasagam


Having a son with special needs, one of the major things which we as a family required was the support from the community - somebody to talk to and somebody to get guidance on how to help my son and family. WeEmbrace in the Greater Sacramento region has been a pillar of strength for my son. The support system also extended to my daughter, myself and my wife. I can truly say that I am not alone in this journey and any question is just a call away from an answer.

The activities (movement classes, dance, art and lego classes) and workshops induce a sense of togetherness for all the kids, families and the volunteers who help out. Kudos to the volunteers who help out with the kids. My son benefits a lot from interacting with typical kids of his age. This is truly a volunteer driven organization and outpouring which the volunteer community has given to WeEmbrace families has been phenomenal.

We moved to Sacramento region just last year in Aug 2017. WeEmbrace has provided us with the support, strength and guidance on all levels. It has given me the confidence that our son and my family are not alone and we will get the best possible support.

Shruti Sethi


Thank you WeEmbrace for giving me and DesiRhythm a chance to teach dance to the kids and be a part of their lives. It is the most satisfying feeling!!!

WeEmbrace is doing an amazing job and we totally admire your efforts!! :) :) :)
#KeepSmilingKeepDancing #WeEmbraceRocks

Courtney Diedesch


We are so grateful for WeEMBRACE. The classes are such a blessing for our daughter, Jessica, and we are so happy to be part of such a supportive community. Thank you so much for everything!

Aishwarya Pydah


Such a great platform for our kids to learn and grow .
Thank you amazing teachers and instructors ❤️You are so patient with our kids and teaching them so beautifully 😊

Priosmita Chakraborty


WeEmbrace is doing a fantastic work for the kids with specials needs and it gives me an immense satisfaction and a feeling of usefulness to involve my kids and myself with them. Thank you so much for giving my kids and me the opportunity to serve the organization with whatever little we have to offer.

Vaishnavi Kalyanaraghavan


We thank all the volunteers and teachers and the board members of WeEMBRACE from the bottom of our heart!!Best team and people around ! Kids already started to learn acceptance and patience and politeness thru WeEMBRACE!! Buddy match program is the life changer for my son. Blessed to be the part of the group !

Radha Iyer


WeEMBRACE truly lives up to its name and embraces kids and adults of all abilities with so much love and compassion. The virtual classes offered by WeEMBRACE during this pandemic have been such a life saver for us and has provided a lot of exposure and great learnings for my son. The entire team of WeEMBRACE, right from Ms. Meena to the board members and all the volunteer instructors are doing a phenomenal job of creating a loving environment and nurturing the skills of our children. The amazing variety of classes offered are truly impressive. Our heartfelt thanks to the entire team for creating this platform and best wishes to all the kids associated with WeEMBRACE!

Shastry Sisters


We found activities here full Fun & always excited to join virtual classes, share skills & learn from other friends & parents.- Thank you WeEMBRACE Team

Vijayalakshmi Kaza


THANK YOU is a small word for all the hardwork and dedication shown by the kids...each kid has so much of empathy. Kudos to the parents for raising such kids and thanks Meena to give a platform to let these kids help our kids. 🙏🏻 WeEmbrace is inspirational.!!! They say if you want a change be the change. WeEmbrace is the change....!!!

Krithika Rajaraman


We have been part of WeEMBRACE not long ago but this has already become our second home. After our move and with this pandemic us living like islands, these virtual classes has been god sent for us to keep us in touch with outside world in the comfort of our homes.

The best past of COVid is making these classes to reach all over the world making the world shrunk inside a computer. Great thanks to all the volunteers and instructors for their patience and love and commitment.

I strongly believe of all that one can donate “time” is the most precious as there is no way one can earn back that time. These wonderful teachers here are willing to volunteer their time for others. I am thankful for their Time.

These classes helped me understand my kid better and also to expand her interests and explore her strengths. I tried so many classes which I would have not other wise done.

The talent show is a great opportunity for the kids to explore their talents and show case them and also to help them build their self confidence.

Thank you WeEMBRACE for making these endless possibilities.

Chona Vala


I am thankful for this group , the creator and all the volunteer it really help a lot. Makes my son learn and engage in all the activities. Thank you all for your time and patience to teach kids like my son.I really appreciate it God bless you all.

Anu Patni


WeEMBRACE bringing lot of classes for our kids which helping kids learn and really appreciate their hardwork & dedication towards special kids. Hope this will continue support our kids.

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