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January 2024 Newsletter

Hold onto your hats, WeEmbrace Family! It's time to celebrate 2023! 

Last year, our super-powered kids weren't just learning, they were breakdancing like rockstars in online classes, unleashing their inner superpowers in all kinds of events, and making memories that last a lifetime. Every fun moment reminded us that when we celebrate our differences, joy explodes like confetti!

Remember the Dancethon? Our kids weren't just twirling, they were painting stories with their feet and filling the air with enthusiasm and excitement. Every moment was a unique experience for all! We saw confidence bloom, talents sparkle, and a wave of happiness enough to fill a lifetime.


Halloween got a WeEmbrace makeover this year! From dressing up in colorful costumes to making spooky-cool crafts, We all shared ghostly giggles and created memories that'll haunt us in the best way possible!

Sports Day wasn't just about breaking records, it was about cheering every triumph, big or small. Every lap was a challenge cheered on, every throw was a mini-victory, and every kick was a reminder that playing together is the ultimate gold medal. We embraced all triumphs and proved that treasured moments are those that are shared together.

And then there was the Christmas party! We enjoyed the presents that brought a smile on every face, the delicious food and the company of Santa Claus. But the best part? The warmth of togetherness, the sparkle of shared joy, and the feeling that holidays are about celebrating ALL kinds of awesome! 

When we look back on these wonderful events we must also remember that none of this would be possible without the help of our hardworking volunteers and family. Their joint efforts are what make these events truly memorable. 2023 year has left us with a lot to reflect on and a lot to cherish as well! As we celebrate our SIX-YEAR ANNIVERSARY, get ready to create more memories and journey on more adventures!

WeEmbrace Family, Rejoice! 3 new board members joins us!

Get ready to cheer, WeEmbrace Family! Joining our Board of Directors in 2024 is the incredible Srinivas Konchada, a champion for WeEmbrace and a beacon of hope for all of us.

Srinivas isn't just a supporter; he's lived the journey firsthand. His son, a shining star on the autism spectrum, discovered a world of acceptance and joyful connection in WeEmbrace. For Srinivas, it wasn't just the dance sessions, social camps, and annual sports days that touched his heart – it was the powerful community, the understanding families, and the knowledge that they weren't alone.

But Srinivas doesn't just see the present; he dreams of a future filled with possibilities. He envisions a WeEmbrace with its own center, a vibrant hub for new activities and gatherings. He wants to include events where children can connect with each other and the companionship of dogs. He sees opportunities for growth, inclusion, and contributions from every member.

So, let's extend a warm welcome to Srinivas Konchada! Together, we'll build a brighter future with one shared smile, one empowering program, and one joyful interaction at a time.

A Spotlight on Shining Stars: Meet Pranav Pradheep, Do-Good Debate Dynamo!

This Thursday, we celebrate a volunteer who helped WeEmbrace with his passion for public speaking: Pranav Pradheep, the mastermind behind "Do Good Debate," a heartfelt initiative that's empowering the voices of youth across the nation.

At just 17, Pranav is running a nonprofit that offers a platform for public speaking and debate classes at a fraction of the usual cost, currently reaching over 50 schools across the country. But here's the twist: every penny earned goes straight back into helping others.

With the proceeds of his speech and debate classes Pranav has consistently donated to WeEmbrace. His efforts have raised $2500 to our cause which can be used towards our center and future programs.

But Pranav's vision doesn't stop there. He dreams of reaching $5,000 for WeEmbrace. And it's not just about the numbers; it's about building bridges. He envisions a future where free "Do Good Debate" classes open their doors specifically to neurodivergent kids at WeEmbrace, empowering them to find their voices and share their stories.

One message Pranav wishes to convey to all members of WeEmbrace is that we should all turn our passions into tools for good, to let our unique gifts become beacons of hope for those around us.

New Year, New You (with WeEmbrace, of course!)

If you thought 2023 was a blast, get ready for so much more!. WeEmbrace has something way more exciting: a winter class explosion ready to ignite your passions and unleash your inner rockstar!

Think beyond dusty classrooms and boring lectures. We're talking high-energy dance floors, code wizardry workshops, and mind-bending trivia battles– all led by our incredible community of neurodivergent instructors. This isn't just learning, it's a celebration of differences, a journey of self-discovery, and a party that lasts well past February.

Ready to dive in? Registration opens the first week of January, so mark your calendars and get your excitement meters calibrated. Classes kick off on January 10th and go through February 27th. Plenty of time to explore, learn, and connect with fellow passionate peeps!

Here's a taste of the awesomeness that awaits:

  • Bollywood Groove Time: Forget the gym, embrace the spice! This high-energy dance class, led by Intructor Anushri Srivastava, will have you shimmying, shaking, and feeling like a movie star.

  • HTML/CSS Basics: Ever dreamed of building your own website empire? This beginner-friendly workshop, led by Instructor Tuhin Mythil, will take you from coding zero to web hero in no time!

  • Trivia Class: Put your knowledge to the test (and your competitive spirit to the blast) in our epic trivia class! From interactive slide shows to playing fun kahoots, this trivia class is not like others!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Dive into the full schedule here for more incredible classes like music workshops, adventures with zen tangles, and yoga sessions. There's something for every interest and every learning style.

WeEmbrace is more than just classes; it's a community. We're all about celebrating differences, building bridges, and empowering everyone to shine like the brightest supernova. So come join the party, learn something new, make some amazing friends, and discover the magic that happens when we embrace who we are, together.

Key dates to remember:

  • Registration opens: First week of January

  • Classes start: January 10th 

  • Classes end: February 27th

Ready to make 2024 your most rockstar year yet? Register for these killer classes here and if you have any questions email Don't miss out on this chance to have some serious fun!

In addition to classes, WeEmbrace has a lot of fun activities planned this year. An exciting new event coming up is the Embrace Stars Inclusive talent and fashion show! To view these opportunities go to here.

Last but not least: we are also happy to introduce our new board members, Aparna Agarwal and Satish Pallapatu to WeEmbrace. Give them a warm welcome! With that WeEmbrace is looking forward to starting an exciting new year with a center of our own. Thank you to all parents and volunteers who are a huge support for the cause we stand for.

May god bless you and your families,

WeEmbrace board

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautifully captured and what an amazing 2023!


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Sounds like a fantabulous start!

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